*Your Candidate with Experience*

Many years ago my father told my two brothers and me, and showed us by his example, that the secret to a life worth living is service, which is a lesson he learned from his parents and grandparents.

The King family has served Jefferson County in public office for 99 years, since 1919. My great-grandfather, Thomas J. King, was a coal miner by day and a Methodist minister on the weekends. He served on the Graysville City Council. My grandfather, Alta L. King, was a Criminal Court Circuit Judge from 1947-1969, who stood up to white supremacists before many whites were willing to do so. My father, attorney Tom King, was a State Senator who represented Jefferson County in the 1970’s. He was successful in passing important legislation for Jefferson County, UAB, the UAB School of Nursing and the Alabama State Bar Association. My brother, Tom King, Jr., was a Brigadier. General, (Ret.), and a Circuit Court Civil Judge from 2001-2015, and I have been a Probate Judge since 2001. My youngest brother, attorney David King, served in the Alabama Army National Guard, retiring as a Captain.

Our family believes in treating all people with respect, and we have done so throughout our history, no matter their race, creed or beliefs. We are fair people who work hard and strive to do the right thing.

I have had the privilege of serving you and helping people and families in Probate Court, often in times of crisis, for over 17 years. This is not a Court for people interested in power or ego. Probate is a place to serve, and I count it a special privilege each day to be a part of Probate Court.